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Our company is engaged in supplying equipment from leading European brands. We do not work with intermediaries, but only directly with manufacturers and importers, which allows the low commodity prices.

Our klaenty - supermarkets, shops, construction sites, specialty shops, installers, retail consumers.

We try to cover the entire construction project, from the usual advice - to installation and after-sales support.

Please contact us and we will offer interesting conditions for cooperation!

Our primary directions of work and partners:

Heating technology

aqualatis Vaillant котел aqualatis protherm котел

Vaillant - a global leader in the heating equipment (Germany). Gas boilers, condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar installations.

Protherm - известный европейский производитель отопительной техники. Газовые котлы, электрические котлы, бойлеры, твердотопливные котлы, конденсационные котлы.

Atmos - a well-known European manufacturer of heating equipment. Gas boilers, electric boilers, solid fuel boilers, condensing boilers.

Buderus - German world-known company, a world leader in the field of heating technology. Heating boilers, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, solar collectors, heat pumps, smart home, heated floor, block power station.

Viessmann - a leading international manufacturer of heating equipment, heat engineering industry technology leader. Condensing appliances, solar, heat pumps, solid fuel boilers, cogeneration units.

 aqualatis atmos котел  aqualatis viessmann купить котел aqualatis buderus котел



Wilo - leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, waste water treatment. Circulation pumps, skvazhnye pumps, drainage pumps for water, pumps for water drainage.

Spirotech - creation of equipment for optimal conditioning of water to ensure the normal operation of your system, save energy, improve the reliability and lifetime of the equipment. Separators air separators dirt, automatic lifting device, vacuum deaerator.

 aqualatis wilo насос  aqualatis spirotech отопление


Water heaters

Vaillant - a global leader in the heating equipment (Germany). Gas water heaters and electric instantaneous water heaters, water heaters, indirect heating and buffer storage tanks.

Galmet - product quality and credibility in the industry of heating, hot water and renewable ecoenergy. Electric water heaters, heaters for indirect heating, heat accumulators, buffer tanks, solar collectors and solar.

Drazice - the largest Czech producer of water heaters. Electric water heaters, combined water heaters, indirect heating boilers, water heaters, solar energy, storage tanks, containers.

 aqualatis Vaillant водонагрівач  aqualatis Galmet водонагрівач aqualatis Drazice водонагрівач


Radiators, chimneys

Korado - Czech company belongs to the leading manufacturers of steel radiators. Panel radiators, towel rails and tubular radiators, designer radiators, heating walls.

Versia-Lux - producer of stainless and galvanized steel. Stainless steel flues, chimneys, wood stoves, heating systems every apartment.

Polvax - It is a manufacturer and wholesaler of modern equipment for the heating systems. Convectors, floor heaters, wall heaters, plaster, convectors, windowsill convectors, baseboard heaters.

 aqualatis Korado радіатори  aqualatis Versia-Lux димоходи aqualatis Polvax конвектори для опалення

Pipes, valves, fittings

Vesbo - one of the world's leading manufacturers of thermoplastic pipes. polypropylene pipes, reinforced with aluminum and glass, combined polypropylene fittings, Polypropylene fittings, PEX pipes.

Ekoplastik - Czech producer of polypropylene piping systems for pressure pipe network, water supply, heating. Tsilnoplastikovi and multilayer pipes, fittings.

TECE - creates and sells its solutions to equip homes in Germany and around the world. Plastic tubes, pipes CHP fl.ex XLPE system pipe fittings, pipes for underfloor heating.

Meibes - traditional German quality and impeccable design engineering fast installation for heating and hot water. Modular quick installation, safety valves, automatic controls for boilers, modular individual heating units.

Herz - Austrian company is one of the largest European manufacturers of thermostatic valves, heating and pipe fittings. Stop radiator valves, balancing valves, stop valves, ball valves, pipes and fittings, automation systems, equipment for underfloor heating.

 aqualatis Vesbo труби фітинги  aqualatis Ekoplastik трубопровод aqualatis TECE тепла підлога aqualatis Meibes запірна арматура aqualatis Herz тепла підлога


Drain systems, piping, sewage

StandartPark - a leading manufacturer and supplier of components and systems, surface drainage drainage. Drainage trays of different materials, geogrid, lawn grille, decorative grilles, Shoe cleaning systems, revision hatches and drains.

Plastimex - it is one of the leading manufacturers of external and internal sewage systems made of PVC, PP, PE on the Polish market.

InstalPlast - it is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipes in Poland. Items needed for the construction of pressure pipelines, sewage systems and protective systems

 aqualatis StandartPark дренажне водовідведення  aqualatis Plastimex зовнішня каналізація aqualatis InstalPlast полімерні труби


Системы очистки воды

Ecosoft - it manufactures and sells the entire range of products for water treatment: from desktop jar filters to the unique performance of industrial installations in hundreds of cubic meters per hour. ECOMIX Filters for softening and iron removal filters softeners, iron removal filters, filters for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, carbon filters, mechanical filters, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration.

Наша вода - the first Ukrainian household filters for drinking water. Filter-jug, flow filters, embedded and desktop filters, reverse osmosis systems, water softener for the whole house.

Filter1 - excellent cost-effective option of treatment systems for those who stayed in the acquisition of an effective filter its price. Filters for drinking water, mains filters (household water), Components and Consumables.

Grunbeck  - German company, manufactures and supplies equipment for the comprehensive training of the individual water and industrial applications, supply of equipment for swimming pools. Filters for water purification, dosage, UV disinfection, installation of partial and full mitigation, microfiltration, preparation of cooling water, potable water, process water preparation.

 aqualatis Ecosoft комплексні водоочисні системи  chis Наша вода aqualatis Filter1 водоочисні фільтри aqualatis Grunbeck системи водоочистки


Please contact us and we will offer interesting conditions for cooperation!


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